BOSS GIRLS Signature Transformation Package
  • BOSS GIRLS Signature Transformation Package


    The #BOSSGIRLS Ultimate Transformation Package


    Your Team Of Experts - together we get you there faster ...

    Step #1 - Colette Pienaar - Health and Wellness

    Step #2 - Isobel Kershaw - Styling and Image Consultation
    Step #3 - Clare Pinkney - Make-Up and Skin Care
    Step #4 - Gustav Fouche - Hair and Hair Care


    Imagine a day when you get out of bed feeling rested and energised, you hop in the shower and get dressed, easily knowing what to put on so you show off your gorgeous figure and outfit, your skin is glowing because you are looking after yourself from the inside out and your makeup routine is perfect for you, your hair is shiny and healthy because you are taking care of yourself and you know the cut suits your face and your personality and when you walk out the door you ooze passion and style and feel like a goddess. 

    That is where we want to take you with this package. 


    Step #1 - Your journey starts with Colette from The GODDESS Academy

    Everything you learn as part of our 4 week program together will help you take care of your health and fitness for the long term, it’s not a quick fix or a starvation diet but rather a method of eating, exercising and living that will allow you to live your life, have fun and look after your health. 


    We start by looking at your goals, your current lifestyle and where you are on your path to health and fitness. From here we work together to uplevel your importance on your priority list so you are able to take the time to do what is needed to see results. We put together a realistic, achievable plan for you to follow, all that you need to do is stick to the principles you will learn over the course of the program and your results will keep coming. 


    The program includes a full program guide that will tell you exactly what to do, supplements that will help support your digestive system while we work to clean up your nutrition and effective workouts that you can do at the gym or at home. 


    The entire system designed to help you get in shape as quickly as possible. Your goal is waiting for you, this is the first step you need to take to get in shape for the next decade and beyond. 
    You only have one body, where will you live if you don’t take good care of it. 


    Step #2 - Your second stop is with Isobel from The Stylist London


    Your wardrobe is critical to your lifestyle needs. We all need to wear clothes and many of you will do a perfectly adequate job in sourcing clothes. However, bring in the expert, and your life will change in so many ways you haven’t even considered.

    Isobel will take you through a wardrobe refresh experience where she will ascertain what is working for you, your new body and lifestyle. She is very creative, not only in terms of putting together signature outfits but also altering some pieces with the potential to revamp them. She knows exactly what to buy then to ensure your wardrobe has everything to create numerous versatile outfits for all those occasions and general daily life. She takes you through colour, accessories and that all-important bra fit. It is a fabulous cathartic experience which will leave you invigorated and in control.

    The next step is the Styling session. And what’s not to love about this. Imagine your stylist knows exactly what you need to create your perfect wardrobe, she knows which brands will suit your body shape and budget and she will complete each look with versatile shoes and accessories. Your styling session begins with a quick coffee to ensure you know exactly how the day will work, you will then be introduced to a rail of pre-prepped stock to try on. 

    The day is fun, indulgent, educational and highly productive. You will not only end the day on a high but when you start wearing your new clothes, the compliments will come in abundance, your confidence will rise and your happiness will shine through.

    Your third step is to take care of the all-important finishing touches which mustn’t be underestimated. 


    Step # 3 - with Clare Pinkney – Professional Make-up Artist, Skin Expert and Educator

    Clare will discuss your lifestyle, current skincare & cosmetics routine. A truly magical make-up experience awaits each client. Her skin analysis will form part of the invaluable lesson.  Your make-up bag will be cleansed and she will write a new product prescription. This will be tailored to you and your budget.  Clare will discuss how our skin is reactive to Lifestyle, age, health, hormones. What might work for your skin years ago may no longer work now!  Amazing flawless make-up starts with skin preparation and a healthy internal system.

    The next step is the make-up education and guidance.  She will demonstrate how to use each selected product, discuss what colours work for you, your face and eye shape. Tools and techniques are thoroughly explained. A professional 1:1 private make-up lesson is invaluable. Her wealth of cosmetic brands is immense, she will only recommend a product which is right for you not because she needs to sell.

    Do you know what make-up suits you? Do you know how to enhance your natural features? Have you been mis-sold the wrong shade of foundation in-store? Have you bought a make-up product that you simply don’t use because the beauty counter assistant told you it was “amazing”?

    It’s time to invest in you. Learn to love yourself!  A new youthful you waiting.

    (All lessons are held at Clare’s exclusive and modern make-up academy in Ashtead (Surrey, UK) fully complete with make-up bar, workstations, professional lighting and specialised equipment.)


    Step #4 - The transformation wouldn’t be complete without the final stop with our Hair Expert Gustav Fouche

    A session with him is not just about a haircut and colour whilst sipping a milky coffee and reading Hello Magazine! Once you have taken the leap to have your hair transformed by him, you will not look back! Gustav is directional, creative and fun! 

    He will take your hair in hand and discuss tailor-made options that will really work for your hair. 
    He will tell you what you need to do to transform the health of your hair and give you a cut and colour that will make you feel rejuvenated so much so that you will certainly leave the salon with a new bounce in your step as your hair joins you!


    We all invest in so many other areas with little return, it’s now time to take the bull by the horns and invest in you! Afterall, you are the most important person in your life!

    Take charge of yourself and your life and you will reap the benefits around you.